Immigration Services

The Panamanian government created several Panama immigration laws which, depending on the particular type of Panama residency visa applied for, enables foreigners to obtain legal temporary or permanent residency in Panama, Panama work permits, and in some cases, Panama citizenship and / or Panama passports. Most of these Panama immigration laws have been created to promote foreign investment in Panama which benefits the local environment or local economy of Panama.

For those clients that simply wish to move to Panama or live in Panama as residents with the least amount of hassle and paperwork, we usually recommend the pensioner visa.  However, this is not the only alternative for residency in Panama, and is obviously only available to those persons who receive pensions or social security payments.

There are numerous immigration and visa options, with a variety of programs.  We suggest you look through the various sections to get an idea of which program will best suit your needs, resources and goals. 

You must know that in order to apply to any kind of Visa, you must be registered in person at the Immigration Authority. This procedure is done in your initial visit to Panama, for the rest of the procedure you do not have to be present. For the registration you only need to provide two (2) photos passport size and copy of your passport with the entry stamp.

Types of Visa

  • Self Economic Solvency Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Reforestation visa
  • Retired or Pensioned Visa
  • Short stay visa
  • Temporary residency Categories
  • Second passport program
  • Citizenship

Self Economic Solvency Visa

Please note that there are 3 variations of this visa: 
1.$300,000 in a time deposit in a local bank in Panama;
2.$300,000 in a house or apartment in Panama (where you own the house or apartment in your own name, and can show that you purchased the property for at least $300,000.00); or
3.A mix between a home and time deposit, which together add up to $300,000.00. 
Please note that if you want to include dependents, then your investment must increase by Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) per dependent. 

General requirements

These general requirements apply to all visas requested (article 28 of the Law Decree #3 of February 2008).

  1. Passport copy, duly authenticated by a Panamanian Public notary;
  2. Four (4) passport-size photos
  3. Original passport, which must be valid for at least six (6) months
  4. Police Report duly Apostilled or duly authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate or Embassy in the countryit was issued and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panama.
  5. Medical Certificate of Good Health; (we can provide)
  6. Payment to the National Treasure of $250.00 in a Cashier Check and $800.00 to the Immigration Office for Repatriation Deposit, also in cashier check. (Please ask us how in whose name to issue the cashier checks we can do this for you);
  7. Sworn Declaration Form
  8. Power of Attorney and Application via an attorney/law firm


This Residence Permit is available for spouses, children less than eighteen years old, a relative with permanent serious disability, and parents. Children between eighteen and twenty five years old, if they are single and studying, can also apply under this option.


In addition to the general requirements to Article 28 of the Law, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  1. Responsibility Letter;
  2. Proof of relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate, depending of who is the applicant);
  3. If the applicant is on legal age, must provide the following:
    1. Studies certification;
    2. Single proof
  4. Proof of Solvency
    1. Sworn Declaration of the Tax Return, with a Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Treasure Department, minimum income, a thousand dollars per month, plus a hundred per each dependant, or
    2. Work Letter, with the social security payment (Ficha);
    3. Bank Reference Letter with no less than 4 middle figures.

Fees for this type of Visa

Our fees have been established, taking into account the rules established in the Panama Law Society Rates of Minimum Professional Fees for Lawyers.   

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2010 our sales tax (ITBMS) has increased to 7% and applies to all services offered by law firms, and will be charged accordingly to clients. 

*USD$300,000.00 or more invested in a time deposit in a local bank or in real estate

Year One - Immigrant Visa

Principal Person:

250.00 Tesoro Nacional Application Fee
800.00 Repatriation Deposit
300.00 Approximate out of pocket expense (medical certificate, notary fees & costs, temporary card (3 months), temporary multiple entry/exit permit (3 months), stamp duty, authentication fees, etc)*
1250.00 Legal Fees
50.00 Immigrant Card
2650.00 Approximate Total